Party Time, Excellent!

About halfway through Friday night I put my camera away and decided I wasn't even going to try to capture everything. I did a couple outfit photos on Saturday and Sunday, but that was it. So now I'm scouring the blogosphere to find photos of the events, and thankfully TxSC has some awesome ones on their facebook from all the photobooths and parties! I conned the photobooth guy into taking my outfit photos by being his test subject for the photo booth, muahaha.

In addition to the balloon photobooth (which had over 100 balloons!) there was an awesome photobooth out front in an airstream trailer!! So awesome! There were lots of fun props to use too. I almost walked away with the cat mask on my head and I secretly did want to wear it the entire night, haha! I think Indiana wanted to wear the indian feather headdress the whole night too.

There were lots of sponsors with booths set up all over the party with fun activities. Lulu*s had a spin-the-wheel type game going on where you could win anything from jewelry to clothes! I snagged a fun summery crop top at that game. Modcloth had a name it and win it game going on with one of their dresses. There were a lot of other pretty things to look at too, from jewelry by inPink and TwoMonthsRent (I want this necklace so bad! My new last initial!), to pretty bags from Purse & Clutch and makeup by Radiant Cosmetics. Oh, and I for sure creeped around the Bonlook booth every 10 minutes putting on glasses and wishing I could just sneak away with them. Andrea was helping with Bonlook that night and laughed at me every time I came by to try on more glasses. I seriously need to get a pair (or five). Even though I'm one of the only people in my family who doesn't need glasses, I love them!

By the end of the night, my poor feets were dying from being in heels all day so I hid in the kitchen, massaged my tired feet and chatted with some other exhausted bloggers. I'm pretty sure I was already in a coma as I zombie-walked my way to 6th street and sleepily hailed a cab to take me back to my hotel...

dress/handmade :: jacket/forever 21 :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: photos via TxSC