Plaid and Caramel

On Tuesday I had a job interview for a marketing manager position and this was my get-up! I didn't want to be too "corporate" as the company is more outdoorsy and smaller. Obviously, as it's a northwest company, I had to work in some plaid, right? I feel like the tights are way brighter in these photos than when I saw them in the mirror, but luckily they were hidden under the desk at the interview, so I don't think they were too crazy. I got this skirt a long time ago at a vintage shop in Spokane called Drop Yer Drawers, and just recently found it again in storage. It's such a beautiful caramel color. I ended up not wearing the glasses because I felt a touch too hipster in them for an interview, even though I really love them with this look.

top/courtesy of free people :: jacket/courtesy of modcloth + DIYed
skirt + belt/vintage :: necklace/courtesy of jewelmint
tights/target :: boots/courtesy of Blowfish :: bag/lands' end :: glasses/wet seal

I don't know yet if I'll take the job, if I'm offered it, that is (I always feel like a babbling dope who doesn't know what she's talking about at interviews). I love being able to set my own work schedule and be totally free to let my creative juices flow, but at the same time I'm definitely not making as much as I could if I was working for a company. Having worked for other people in various jobs, I've realized that I generally dislike working for others. My creativity and drive to create something awesome almost always comes up against someone else's vision (or more typically lack thereof) for their business. I want desperately to start a business her in Tacoma, a real brick and mortar, but it's a huge leap and I feel like the timing is not quite right yet. So here I am stuck in an in-between purgatory of being not quite here and not quite there.

On a self-employed note: I'm (hopefully) getting a Wacom tablet today! I feel like it's probably way overdue as I've frequently found during my design work that a tablet would be so helpful. I'm excited to see how a tablet can be used in my graphic design and blogging, the look of a handwriting or drawing is just so hard to replicate digitally without one. Be prepared for some photos with doodles on them, I can't wait!

After the interview I ditched the skirt, threw on some comfy jeans and a headband and relaxed. Someone on facebook pointed out that my headband perfectly matched my plaid top, I hadn't even noticed!