Sticks and Stones

Today is gonna be a crazy day! I have so much to get done before jetting off to Austin for the weekend in the morning. I probably won't post much this weekend because I'll be super busy running around doing TxSC stuff, but I'll try to update when I can, and I'll definitely have a ton of pictures when I come back! I'm envisioning tons of people on the street having their blogger friend take outfit photos for them, and I'll definitely be one of them. The awesome thing about being among other bloggers is that no one thinks you're weird for doing the normal blogger stuff. I can't think of any other group of people where talking about outfit photos, html, and being swamped in emails is normal conversation. Or maybe it's just that I hang out so infrequently with other bloggers, that when I do, it's just so cathartic to talk about something that's a big part of my life, but isn't really conversation-friendly.

dress/cosette :: cardigan/courtesy of modcloth :: tights/target :: boots/courtesy of blowfish

Ever since I first saw this cardigan at ModCloth about a year ago (maybe more!) I've wanted to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, ever since then it's been out of stock, or not in my size, but it finally came back in stock recently and I couldn't believe it! I love how it's kind of a morbid print, but you almost don't realize that it's skulls at first because you just see a pattern, not the image. And who knew skulls could be so cute? Back in high school I used to be into drawing old school tattoos, so I drew lots of skulls and skulls and crossbones, so this cardigan kind of has a nostalgic feeling to me as well.