Sweet Home Tacoma

Back in the groove! After a whole week of being out of town, yesterday was finally back to normal. And it was awesome. The day after getting home from Austin, Dan & I met up with my parents and hung out with them for the rest of the week, which was so nice. I'm not good with events full of strangers, and while I try my hardest to be outgoing, it's still pretty taxing, so being able to just sit back and relax with the people I love the most was the best way to come back from Austin.

It was miraculously sunny yesterday, so we hopped on our bikes and rode to the climbing gym, and then afterwards, rode to the coffee shop and sat outside in the sun sipping on drip coffee eating a garlic cheese bagel with cream cheese and talked about opening a coffee shop. It was a good reminder of what really matters to me. Going to blog conferences is sometimes difficult because I feel like most of it is focused on getting bigger, better, more followers, connecting with brands, making an impression, etc. While I love blogger conferences and meet-ups because they bring all us bloggers together to interact in real life, the rat-race aspect is exhausting and something I realized this weekend that I just can't do. I know that some bloggers love going to fashion week and big conferences and living fast paced lives, but my pace is slower, and I'm happy with that. Julie from Orchid Grey wrote a great post about her sort of similar thoughts post-TxSC about balance and blogging.

top + shades/vintage :: dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of strut

Oh! I guess it's St. paddy's day, eh? Shame on me for not posting any green... Maybe I'll post something green later today. I won't cheat and say I'm wearing green underwear.