Three Springtime Milkshakes

Well, I think spring is kind of officially here, at least it feels that way on most days, and with Easter coming up, pastel colors are all over! I thought I'd share some pretty pastel springtime treats to ring in this pretty season of blooming flowers and the days getting longer. These yummy treats would be awesome for a spring birthday party, bridal or baby shower, or maybe an easter egg hunting party! Each of these recipes makes about one milkshake, so you'll want to multiply the recipe for more shakes.

For this one, I tried to find little shortcakes (my mom used to buy some and drizzle sugary strawberries on them) and I swear I've seen them before for sale by the fresh strawberries, but I just couldn't find any, so I resorted to some frozen shortcake treats, but I want to try this again with actual shortcakes and not frozen ones. Either way, this milkshake was so yummy!

For this one, I made mine originally with a whole can of frozen OJ and it was way more orangey than orange creamsicle-y (and it made a bit more than just one shake), so I fixed the recipe to use less OJ concentrate and more ice cream and it should taste more like a creamsicle! Orange Creamsicles are one of my favorite treats in the summer!

Dan & I were at Sherri's once and got a pie milkshake (so good!), which is where I got the idea for this milkshake. You can use a fresh pie, or a frozen one, which is what I went for, because then I can just pop the pie back in the freezer until I need to make another milkshake, and I don't have to make a whole pie beforehand. But, I suspect this milkshake would be even better with a fresh pie!

You can even put these in the freezer after you've made them and they freeze into froyo-esque treats that you can eat like ice cream with a spoon! I bet you could even make them into popsicles by pouring them into a popsicle mold!