Life Lately

Ah instagram.  I love being able to capture little life moments on the go without having to lug around my huge camera.  Plus, I think it's kind of fun that my family can see what I'm doing down here in Washington.  Makes them feel closer, even though we're so far apart.  Lately I've been missing my family a lot.  We're not big Easter celebrators, we never had a big family get-together or anything, as all our extended family was a plane ride (or two, or three) away.  But still, I think the distance feels more intense on holidays when everyone else seems to go home to spend time with family, and I cannot.  So, hey Mom, Dad & bros! Here's a little sneak peek into life the past week.  I miss you guys.

My favorite summer shoes making their 2012 debut! // Fro Yo for lunch
Fancy lips // Picnic times on the new back deck "bar"
Biking to "Easter Monday" seafood boil // Sipping on The Clover Club
Feeling flowery // At a friends birthday party at Dorky's Barcade
An Easter cocktail at 1022 with Dan // The 2nd annual Easter seafood boil!

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