Life Lately

Man, this week is kicking my butt, hence the dearth of posts. In addition to work, blog designing, and my e-course, it's also been super nasty outside. Today I tried to go out for outfit pictures and almost immediately the sun was eliminated by a huge dark cloud followed by crazy wind and rain! Foiled. Oh well. This weekend looks like it could be nice, so that'll be refreshing.

My new job seems to be going okay. I don't feel super confident about it, but I've been doing alright. It's probably just that new-job feeling paired with my neurotic, perfectionist personality. I have been adjusting pretty well, though, to my new schedule, oddly enough. I'm a natural night owl, so waking up before 10 am has always been rough, but I think something about living with Dan makes it easier to get up in the morning. He gets up before me and I think feeling him get up and hearing him moving around the house kind of stirs me from my heavy slumber. Plus, he makes breakfast, which is awesome. I've pretty much always skipped breakfast because I'd rather sleep than eat breakfast. Today he made french toast, yum! What a guy. Of course, maybe he's just trying to win our competition to be the first to get 6-pack abs by feeding me delicious things. Yeah, we're having a silly competition to see who can get a 6-pack first. What?

Bluebeard coffee before work from my pal Amy // Some crazy pants at target. No, I didn't end up getting them, but I am considering going back because they're awesome // Super fun lipsticks from Lime Crime! // Finagled my hair into an updo. Also, bright lipstick! // A date with Dan at 1022. Drinking the PDX & Gravity's Rainbow, yum // A new dress & shoes from Modcloth & Blowfish (taken as I was about to take outfit pix... and then the storm rolled in) // rock climbing on a sunny day // New glasses from glassesusa. Not really that happy with them... meh. Oh well!

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