Little White Flowers

I found this gorgeous corridor of white blooms yesterday while I was on a walk, so I had to go back and take my outfit photos there.  It's such a shame this prettiness only lasts a little while until leaves unfurl and all the trees look normal.  It's so fun to see all the flowers and plants making their foray out of hibernation.  Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers and they seem to be the first ones out once spring hits.  Such a pleasant sight after months of grey, bare trees, and mud.  I think yellow is the happiest of colors, so to be greeted by bright yellow Daffodils after so many months of winter is so refreshing.

dress + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: jacket/lulu*s :: bag/fossil :: shades/vintage

I got this dress back in October, even though it was no where near sundress weather and wouldn't be for a good six months, but I couldn't resist the fabric and the cute keyhole detail.  It's been hiding in my closet since I wore it for my bridesmaid luncheon the day before my wedding.  It's so funny writing out outfit details for summery outfits.  There are so few things!  Where are all the layers?  I'm fine with it though.  

It's been really beautiful here in Tacoma lately and contrary to what I expected to happen, my desire for warm weather isn't satiated, it's been heightened even more!  Maybe it's just this morning, but just moments ago I was on craigslist looking for apartments in Maui.  It wouldn't make any sense for us to move to Maui, but it's just so damn perfect there.  Paradise, indeed.  I think it's because I'm still longing for warm air.  While it is sunny out, there's something about walking outside and not flinching due to the nip in the air.  In Hawaii, it's the opposite!  When you go into a building you have to put on a  cardigan because they air condition with a vengeance!

P.S. Today is the last day to register for LOVELY*BRAVE, so if you want to get in, do it today!  The e-course starts tomorrow!