Seasons change and so do we

It's funny seeing how our lives change as the season changes.  Maybe it's just easier to equate life changes with nature when things are so obviously transitioning outdoors.  Flowers are blooming, trees are loaded with nascent leaves and blossoms, the sun is slowly warming the atmosphere.  And similarly, life is going through changes as well.  I just got a job, and while it's only part time, it's quite different to have a set schedule after 9 months of working whenever and wherever.  Dan just got a job as well, so it will be different being out and about at our respective workplaces.  It's almost like we had an extended honeymoon with the lazy and carefree lifestyle we've had since getting married.  I suspect it will still be carefree, albeit a little more structured.  It's been rainy this week, so I haven't ridden my bike to work yet.  I'm such a night owl that waking up early is a dreaded prospect, much less hopping on a bike and being super active right off the bat, but it'll probably be good for me to get a kick start in the morning... right?

dress/handmade :: shoes/thrifted :: top/forever 21 :: belt/hand-me-down

I also love seeing how my wardrobe makes a gradual shift as spring comes around.  The tights start to appear less and less frequently, some of my favorite shoes come out of the woodwork, heavy coats become light cardigans and jackets, and sometimes I even rediscover some dresses which never got worn during winter.  It's fun to be able to actually wear those spring outfits I've had filed away in my mind the past few months.