Days Gone By

Did you guys have a nice holiday weekend? Ours was pretty nice, despite going to Dan's grampa's memorial service on Saturday, which actually turned into a nice trip. I haven't spent much time with Dan's extended family, so it was a nice way to see everyone and figure out who "belongs" to whom. Dan's mom has quite a few siblings and I finally got them all sorted out! After the memorial service the whole family went up to his aunt and uncle's house and had pizza and hung out. His family is so great. It's wonderful to have married into another awesome family.

I wore a vintage black dress and my black floppy hat with a little feather/flower fascinator attached to it to the memorial service. There were a lot of older folks there, friends of Dan's grampa, and at least three of them came up to me and commented on how they used to wear hats like that all the time, or that their wife used to wear outfits like that all the time back in the day. It was so cute! It's one thing I love about wearing vintage clothing and vintage inspired looks. I enjoy talking to those older folks reminiscing about the days gone by, or musing on how no one dresses up or wears hats anymore. One woman at the memorial service came up to me and told me this great story about her and her twin sister hat shopping when they were younger. So cute!

top/forever 21 :: dress + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: bag/fossil :: shades/vintage

I wore this outfit last Friday, right before huge thunderclouds rolled in and started raining and slinging lightning down! The way the weather can change here on the drop of a hat is so crazy to me. In Anchorage, if you wake up and it's sunny out, it's going to be sunny all day. If it's snowing, it'll be snowing all day. Here, I feel like I need to have my bag full of sweaters and umbrellas, just in case the weather randomly decides to do something else! I've started bringing leggings or tights with me when I go for walks, just in case it starts to get cold, haha! I guess I could just wear leggings or pants to begin with, but I'm determined to wear sundresses now that it's summer. Determined!