Four Eyes

Lately I've been really loving the look of glasses. It was amplified by getting to try on a ton of BonLook glasses at the TxSC Posh party when I was in Austin, and after scrolling through the entirety of Advanced Style, I'm convinced that awesome glasses are an essential element missing from my personal style. Lately I've gotten my hands on a few pairs of glasses and here's the rundown.

I just got this pair of amber frames from Target in their sunglasses section. Target is kind of my go-to when I want to try a trend or something. I always check there first. I found this pair and it was exactly what I've been looking for.

I've had this pair of glasses for a long time. I originally bought them at Wet Seal a few years ago and then I think I lost them or they got broken. I believe this replacement pair is from Hot Topic. They're a bit big for my face, but I think they're pretty fun!

These are actually my real glasses. As in, prescription. My prescription is so minute, however, that when people put them on they don't believe me that they are in fact prescription lenses. I can notice the difference but only slightly. I got these back in high school, but I've only worn them a handful of times. They aren't my favorite style, but they fit my face the best.

I got these at Target at the same time as that first pair of amber frames. The're pretty big on me, but I don't care, I love them! They kind of remind me of grandpa glasses. Win!

I was contacted by who asked if they could send me a pair of eyeglasses to review. Since I was on a glasses hunt, I agreed, as they have a few styles which I thought were cute. They do prescription glasses but as I don't know my prescription anymore I opted for just clear glass. They have a try-on thing,which I used beforehand. Unfortunately when I got the glasses themselves, the frames were basically black, unlike the tortoise color I was hoping to receive. There's nothing tortoise colored about the frames I got. They're much larger than they appeared to be when I "tried them on" and they sit completely crooked on my face. I've been wearing them, trying to like them more, but really they're almost identical to my pair from Hot Topic, only I like them a lot less. I've been trying to navigate glassesUSA's return policy because I would like to try a different pair of frames, but this is proving annoyingly difficult, so I suspect I'll have to contact customer service. Over all, I think I would've prefered a service like Warby Parker has where they send you up to 5 frames you're considering purchasing to try on, and then you can actually try them on before buying them. The online virtual-try-on thing that GlassesUSA has proved to be unreliable in my experience. Even though I did receive this pair free of charge (I'd be more miffed if I'd had to buy glasses that weren't what I wanted), I'd prefer having a pair which I'd actually wear. Hopefully I can figure out how to return them or maybe exchange for a better style. I'd personally recommend going with a more try-on friendly online glasses shop, to ensure you're getting a pair of glasses you'll actually like.