Life Lately

I've been feeling rather productive this past week.  I think I'm getting in a groove.  I'm working on an illustrated blog design currently and it's so nice to work with a pencil and paper again.  I'm on the computer so much these days that I miss out on that simple pleasure of feeling graphite glide along paper.  

Dan and I have started budgeting, which is exciting since we've been meaning to for quite some time, but I finally just sat down and started doing it.  Dan really wants to save up for a trip, and I'm excited to pay off school loans and such so we can be debt-free.  I got a sweet budgeting app, called Home Budget, which is really nice.  It lets you input all your income and budget and you can budget everything into different categories.  Then, throughout the month, you input your expenses in each of your budget categories and it'll tell you how much you have left in your budget for each item.  And it has a graph that compares your income, expenses, and budget.  I'm a fan.  I know there are tons of budgeting apps out there, though.  It's nice having a budget in app form, so it's always with you.  If I go to the grocery store I can input my grocery expense right after checking out, so I don't forget between the time I leave the store and get home.  

We're also reading "Financial Peace Planner," which is the present my Mom gave me at my bridal shower.  When I opened it, I looked at my mom and she goes, "There's nothing sexier than a debt-free marriage!"  Haha!  I think budgeting will be a good addition to my efforts to simplify life.  It might not be fun at times, but in the long run we'll be glad we started budgeting now instead of later.

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