Life Lately

My parents came to visit this week!!  It's always so fun to have them around.  I've never thought it was weird for family to live far away.  Growing up in Alaska, all our extended family members were at least one plane flight away, usually more.  When I went away to college and started living two flight legs away from my family it kind of seemed normal, to a degree.  Going to school in Washington I realized how sort of odd it is to live so far away from family.  So many people I met were super close friends with cousins or other extended family members, and they went to college only a few hours drive from their parents house and could visit on the weekends if they wanted.  I had to take two flights to get to my parents, which usually took around 7 hours total travel time.  A lot of Dan's family lives in Washington state and he's pretty close with his aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  It's a new experience for me to see.  I'm not super close to my extended family, but I'm very very close to my "nuclear" family, so the handful of times a year they fly down/I fly up are always a treat.  Perhaps someday my parents will move closer to us.  It would certainly be so wonderful to have them around to hang out and have fun, and in the distant future when Dan & I decide to start a family, it would be great to have them around.  I'd love for my children to have a closer relationship with their grandparents than I have with mine.  I guess there are sacrifices to be made for living in the "last frontier," but I cherish growing up there and am so thankful for having spent my formative years up there.

 my sweet love // climbing at Little Si // delicious taco truck // S'mores & cookouts
new favorite swimsuit // drinks & bites with my parents at 1022! // iced americanos, yumm
guacamole in the works // new pretty shades