Lulu's + DT // Vintage Springfield

I had just checked off seeing the Meteor Crater in Arizona when I was thinking about what my next destination would be for me and the Brave.  I had been following Elsie's chronicles of the grand opening of her boutique, Red Velvet, and I realized that perhaps it would be possible to go visit.  So I looked it up and discovered I wasn't that far away!  I drew the next X on my map and started heading eastward to Springfield, MO.  Elsie and Emma were so friendly and hung out with me for a couple days while I was in town.  We hung out at the shop, ate cupcakes, took blog photos, tried on vintage dresses, and more.  It was really fun!  One of my favorite parts of my Brave trip was getting to meet up with blog friends in real life!  

Here in Tacoma we've got a few cute vintage shops.  Vanity is one of the vintage shops I like, located right on 6th Ave, not too far from our favorite haunts.  I was looking for a cute vintage dress to wear for our wedding "after party" that we were having the day after our wedding, and I found the perfect little 50's dress at Vanity, along with a nice pair of gloves, a pillbox hat, and a petticoat to give the dress that 50's flare.  My BFF/Maid of Honor got her Mad Men bachelorette party dress from Vanity at the same time!

A couple other Tacoma vintage shops I enjoy are Orange and Nine Lives Vintage.  Orange is less than a block away from Vanity, and Nine Lives is only a few blocks east on 6th.  It's nice that there are a few vintage shops on 6th now.  It makes for a fun little vintage-shopping walk... with coffee and/or beer rest stops in between, of course.  I have a dress from Orange I've need to get altered for a while.  Oh altering pile, you are so large and full of things which could be super cute.

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