Make a Wish

I haven't taken outfit photos in this field since last year when my best friend was visiting Tacoma.  She wanted to frolic, so frolic we did.  The field is right next door to her favorite Tacoma spot, which we went to at least two times during her short visit.  I keep trying to convince her to move here, but I'm not sure Tacoma would stop raining long enough to trick her into it.  I'm trying to lure her with cute bearded northwest men, superb espresso, and delicious cocktails.  I feel like that's kind of an offer she can't refuse, right?  Plus, she's training to be a yoga instructor and there are tons of great yoga studios in town.  C'mon, Kris, you know you want to move to Tacoma.

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: top/forever 21 :: shoes/courtesy of le bunny bleu

Well, not-so-subliminal messaging aside, it sure would be great to have my BFF around.  I was talking with someone the other day about how all through school you don't realize how hard it is to make friends, until you're out of school and that ripe pool of people to draw friends from has instantly vanished.  For some reason it seems much more difficult to make friends in the job-world.  Maybe it's harder to be friends & coworkers, rather than friends & schoolmates.  I'm sure it's much easier in some workplaces than others as well.