Photographer Crush // Parker Fitzgerald

V. Porter

I first discovered the work of Parker Fitzgerald after seeing his photos of Chelsea, who I'd met up with on the Brave trip. Just recently he took some photos of another lovely blogger who, incidentally, I also met up with on my trip! The beautiful Vanessa from The Velvet Bird. I visited Vanessa in Georgia, but she's just moved to Portland! I keep meaning to make it down there to visit her, as well as the many other bloggers and friends who call Portland home. Hopefully I get down there before summer ends. But I digress. Parker creates incredibly beautiful photographs. His portraits are some of the most arresting I've ever seen, and it's refreshing to see a great photographer with a love for film, when most of the photography world is abandoning film for digital. I think his polaroids are my favorite. I've got a Polaroid Land camera that I've made feeble attempts at getting to work, but so far no luck. I always tell myself I'm going to start using film more, as I've got quite a few film cameras, but I never remember. I think I'll add "take film photos" to my summer goal list. I digress again. Take a looksie at these beauties and then head over to his website, blog, or flickr to see more!

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