She's a Gypsy

I love this hat so much I have half a mind to create all my outfits based around it.  Unfortunately that gypsy-bohemian style isn't necessarily my natural tendency, but I certainly love playing around with different styles.  I suppose some could say it's inconsistent, but I like experimenting with trends and styles.

I only got a couple photos of this outfit because I was approached by a woman who started talking to me and asked me to take photos of her.  She seemed kind of normal at first, but as our interaction went on I started realizing she was a little "off."  I didn't want to be rude, so I took some photos of her and showed interest in her (bizarre) tales.  She asked to have some prints and, kind of in an effort to free myself from the situation and move on to finish what I came to do, I agreed to meet her later that night to give her a couple prints.  At the time I mostly just agreed as it seemed a finale to the interaction and I could finally leave and go home, as the sun had gone down by then and I'd lost my light.  But then I started feeling bad.  She was a little, or maybe a lot, crazy... but I didn't want to be another person in her life to blow her off.  I don't know how people have treated her in the past, but she seemed like the kind of person who probably gets blown off by a lot of "normal" folks as just some drunk, crazy drug addict.  I don't know if she was actually any of those things, but people pass judgement on people without knowing the whole story all the time, so I suspect she'd had more than her share of unkind interactions with fellow human beings.

dress/forever 21 :: hat/courtesy of lulu's :: top/vintage :: necklace/handmade

I showed up at the coffee shop we agreed to meet at and she didn't show for 30 minutes, so I left.  I saw her on the street corner as I drove away so I turned around and went back.  When I walked up she was screaming at someone in the coffee shop and she came out bewildered when she saw me.  She'd thought another girl was me, and was a bit confused.  Anyway, I gave her the photos and she seemed happy to have them.  The whole interaction contained so much bizarre-ness, with all her odd stories and behavior, and the whole situation in general.  It's funny because she's definitely the definition of a modern gypsy and there I was dressed as this caricature of a vintage gypsy.  We both got outfit photos that day.