Sunshine on my Shoulders

People.  I'm in heaven.  Summer has hit Tacoma hard, and boy is it good.  All I want to do is sit outside in a sundress and soak in the vitamin D like there's no tomorrow.  The forecast for the next week is all suns, which I'm pretty sure I haven't seen since last September.  Hallelujah!  And as far as sundresses go, this one is my all time favorite.  I got it from ModCloth two years ago and it's the perfect sundress.  not only is it yellow, but it's the perfect length and so lightweight and breezy.  The day when it's finally warm enough to wear just the dress with no tights or cardigan is the best day.  Of course, the evenings can still get a little chilly, so I like to bring this denim jacket along.  It's the perfect weight for summer evenings.

dress/modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of seychelles :: jacket/courtesy of lulus :: bag/fossil

This weekend was super exhausting, but great.  On Sunday we woke up early and met up with a bunch of friends to go rock climbing out at Exit 32.  I was kind of groggy after spending the previous night sort of violently ill for some reason, but after about an hour and getting some coffee in me I was feeling excited about the day.  The weather was perfect.  Super warm and sunny, but not roasting, and the hike up to the crags was cool in the shade of huge evergreens.  It was my first time climbing outdoors on real rock, so I was pretty thrilled to finally climb "for reals."  It was awesome.  There was a bunch of us and only one rope, so we all took turns.  I climbed two routes and felt really good about my first time out.  I'd love to go out again and try some of the other routes.  Life has been pretty crazy for the last couple weeks and only seems to be continuing the crazy streak, so it was nice to take an impromptu trip to the woods.  All the fresh air and exercise was a much needed reboot, and even though I could've been working the whole day, it was good to get a change of scenery.