The Smallest Family Member

My little brother made this short video of Little Bit the other day.  I thought it was so cute, and it made me miss home and the little bitsy doodle.  She's turning 15 (fifteen!!) this summer, but she's still a spry old gal.  I think her vision is probably getting worse, but she can still keep up with Simon who's only two years old!  I feel like a dog is such a great part of a family.  I can't wait until Dan and I are in the position to get a pup of our own.  If it was up to me we'd get one tomorrow, but Dan is the voice of reason, and probably for the best.  I can't lie, I'm more excited for the day we get a dog than the day I welcome a child into our family, haha!  I'm sure that will change once that day comes, but for now I've got puppy fever much more than baby fever.