Acting Locally

Last night I met Dan at 1022 for a little drink and then we walked up to Peterson Brothers for a beer and a delicious sandwich with a friend who's leaving town for India next week.  Whenever I'm at 1022 I just want to take photos because everything is so beautiful and kind of magical.  My favorite  time of day to be there is around sunset when they light the candles and bring them out and set them all over the bar and tables.  Lately I've fallen in love with candle light and I want candles all over my house.  They just bring this romantic glow that reminds me of eras gone by.  So many centuries of humanity only had the light of a flame to illuminate their spaces during the night.  It seems like such a natural way to illuminate a room.  

Recently I've become really enamored with the idea of returning to more natural ways of doing things.  Buying local produce from the farmer's market, using natural soap instead of fancy chemical shampoos and such, using oils like olive oil to moisturize rather than lotions formulated with all sorts of chemicals.  Since I've started trying to figure out a better way to take care of my naturally curly hair, I've discovered that lots of the chemicals and sulfates that are in almost all shampoos and soaps aren't good for my curls.  Plus, it's just nice to feel like I'm supporting the community I live in by buying from local farmers and artisans at the farmer's market and local co-op.  It's a bit more expensive than shopping at the big grocery stores, but I want to be more intentional about where I choose to shop.  That's why I love places like 1022 and Peterson Brothers.  It's so great to form this relationship with local businesses and support fellow Tacoma small business owners.