Back to the Future

I started craving blazers recently, and found this beauty at ModCloth.  Even though it's still a bit too warm to actually be wearing another layer, I couldn't resist this outfit.  And I had to pair it with these shoes, because obviously.  I like mixing and matching and clashing quite a bit, but sometimes a matchy-matchy moment presents itself and it's just to perfect to ignore.  It's kind of like these shoes were made to go with this blazer.  I felt pretty fancy in this outfit all day, even though I only went to Target for some coffee and underwear... and a sweater that snuck itself into my cart.  I got sucked into the clothing section and decided that I definitely would've been a more stylish high schooler if Anchorage had a Target back then.  We didn't get a Target until I was already gone for college, boo.  Of course, back then I probably didn't even have the confidence to wear the styles I wanted to rock.  It's so fun to know I can wear anything and not feel self-conscious or worry about what others think.  It makes putting on clothes so much more fun!

dress/tj maxx :: blazer/modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: necklace/inpink

I always hate hearing people say stuff like, "I wish I could pull that off."  I sometimes catch myself thinking that and have to stop to mentally slap myself and say, "who says you can't?"  So often the biggest limitations in our lives is our own insecurity or false beliefs about ourselves.  Why couldn't I "pull off" a certain style?  Is it that my body type won't make the style look the same as it does in the photo I'm looking at?  In that case, it's not that I'm not "pulling it off," it's that I wish I looked different.  I think most of the time the ability to pull off an outfit is really only contingent on confidence.  To borrow a phrase from Tom & Lorenzo, work that outfit like it owes you back rent. Snaps up!