Different Angles

A couple days ago I ran across this photography method where you essentially create a wide angle photo by using a bunch of photos stitched together, which essentially means you can get a shallow depth of field that you couldn't get if you tried taking the same photo with a wide angle lens.  The photo above and the one right before the outfit details were done using this method.  Both are composed of about 20 photos stitched together.  It was my first time trying it out, but it's pretty fun!  Sometimes photoshop still blows my mind at what it's capable of.  It's basically modern day magic.  

This is my favorite place to go for photos.  It gets beautiful lighting in the evening and it's a little wild and overgrown nook in the middle of the city.  It makes me feel like I'm in the woods even though just 50 feet away is a major arterial, and 50 feet in the other direction is a huge elementary school.  This park is slated for some major renovations which includes putting paths in around the area I take photos. I'm afraid it will result in the area looking more domesticated and like a typical park, but hopefully it will retain some of its natural beauty.  It's nice to have a natural little refuge in the middle of a bustling city.

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of seychelles :: bag/courtesy of handbag heaven
shades/vintage :: necklace/courtesy of a lost feather :: some photos by Dan

This is one of the sundresses I told myself I had to wear as an actual sundress before autumn settles in again.  I wore this dress last September to the wooden boat festival in Port Townsend, which was a really fun trip. My parents were in town and it was the first time hanging out with them in person since we got engaged, so it was kind of a celebratory trip.  I love putting on a dress and remembering all the other occasions it was worn for.  I think that's what's most fun about remixing.  Not only are you making the most of what's in your closet, you get to pull out a dress and remember the other times it was worn.  It's like slipping into memories and wearing them around.