The Paraders Vintage Collection

One of my previous sponsors is embarking on a new, exciting endeavor!  Rachel, from The Paraders, has designed a collection of vintage style dresses with modern sizing.
Even if you find the most amazing dress in the right size, chances are that the proportions are quite different. Women have been cinching, tying and altering their bodies throughout history to create these extreme silhouettes that just aren’t realistic today...the evolution of the common measurements of a modern woman’s body are quite different from the insanely skinny waists of the 1950s or the flat chests of the 1920s., so it really makes wearing vintage difficult.

My goal with the first Paraders original collection as well as with each collection following, is to take the best elements of vintage clothing in each era, and create new garments inspired by these examples, but with a modern sizing structure. For this collection, we're offering sizes Small, Medium, and Large, with the plan to add smaller and larger sizes in future collections. 
It's a beautiful collection of fun, pretty dresses, and she's almost reached her kickstarter goal!  They've got about a week left to make their goal, so if you want to have a chance to get your hands on one of these beautiful pieces, make sure to head over to her kickstarter page and pledge your support!