The Remix Archives // The Sun Dress

This dress is one of my all time favorite items in my closet, and though it's a sundress through and through, I wear it all year round. Sometimes it's nice to wear a sunny little dress in the middle of winter (with temperature-appropriate additions) to remind yourself of the sun-filled days of summer. I got it from Modcloth about two years ago, so sadly it's no longer available, but if it was I'd definitely get a back-up for the sad day when this one falls apart from being worn so much.

It's really easy to mix it up with sundresses by wearing a button up top over or underneath the dress. Have some fun by mixing prints, or go bold by pairing it with a bright solid colored top! Plus, it's always easy to throw on a cardigan if it starts to get chilly. And in the colder months, add some tights or leggings with a pair of cute boots and a pretty scarf!