Fall Fashion with Marshall's // Outfit Number Three

When the weather cools down, inevitably there will be days which call for jeans.  As much as I advocate how easy it is to continue wearing dresses throughout fall and winter, there are just some days where I'd rather just throw on some jeans and a sweater and be done with it.  Lately I've been excited that a cropped or ankle length jean is popular, because that means I can buy jeans and not have to alter them!  I thought it was pretty funny earlier this year when I bought some capris from Target and they fit perfectly as full length pants.  Oh the pitfalls of being short.

top + jeans/courtesy of marshalls :: total- $37.00
boots/courtesy of modcloth :: glasses/target :: photos by Dan

Yesterday we decided to go on an urban gleaning adventure and try to find blackberry bushes.  The other night when we took the outfit photos for the second outfit, we discovered that there were enormous blackberry bushes lining most of the alleyway, a fun find!  We started our blackberry adventure at a nearby public park, and there were lots of bushes, but it looked like other people had the same idea and they were relatively picked over.  We stopped by the alley on the way home, though, and got a bunch of nice big ones.  I might make a blackberry pie.  I've been on quite the baking kick lately.  In the last week I've made two of those blueberry breakfast cakes, rhubarb lemon bars, and a strawberry rhubarb crumble. Harvesting all these awesome berries is the culprit.  We're planning on going blueberry picking again, and I still have some blueberries leftover from our last trip... and today we're going to harvest some apples... yikes!

I snagged one of Dan... couldn't resist that smile.