Interested in Sponsoring?

Fall is well on its way and October is upon us.  This time last year I was running around getting everything ready for our Nov. 5th wedding, so this year it'll be nice to be able to relax and just enjoy the season.

I'm accepting sponsors for the upcoming months, so if you're interested in driving more traffic to your blog or shop, sponsorship is a great way to do so!  Delightfully Tacky has a solid readership of friendly ladies who enjoy personal style, adventures, delicious treats, and pretty vintage things, so if you're looking to draw a demographic such as that to your awesome blog, site, or shop, consider sponsoring!  I've got four different ad sizes at different price points, so if you're just starting off and don't want to make a huge investment in terms of advertisement, but still want to get more exposure, try something like a mini ad.  If you want a bit more exposure, the small and large ads come with the option of offering my readers a giveaway.  The Featured ad space, which is located at the top of my right sidebar, gets the top spot all month long, and also comes along with the option to both offer a giveaway, and you'll be featured in a sponsored blog post.

If you have questions about the ad spaces/sponsorship in general, check out my sponsorship page and see if your question is answered there.  If not, feel free to email me!  If you're ready to go and definitely want to sponsor, just click here, pick your ad size & duration, and go through the checkout process and you're on your way!