Least Likely

Remember yesterday when I said I had a lot of floral in my closet?  Yup.  Back in high school if you had voted for the "most likely to wear florals on almost a daily basis," I would've been on the bottom of the list.  Granted, I probably definitely would've also been "least likely to start a fashion blog/wear dresses on a daily basis."  Look at me, all full of surprises.  The amount of times I wore a dress/skirt to high school could be counted on two hands.   Thinking back, I'm not sure what my superlative would've been.  I actually did get voted "coolest car" but some jackasses on the yearbook staff put in one of their friends with a dumb lifted truck instead of my El Camino.  Jerks.  I was also kind of hoping to get "coolest hair" but that one went to my friend Lauren, who did in fact have the coolest hair.  We were kind of hair twinsies, but hers was the most gorgeous natural red.  I was kind of a bit jealous because I missed out on my mom's redhead genes, but then I decided to take matters into my own hands and dyed my hair red.  And loved it.  So much so that I'm thinking of going back.  I don't think I'll be able to keep away from the copper locks for long.
But anyway, enough about hair.  Superlatives in high school are funny.  I doubt any of them actually come true.  Did you guys have those silly "most likely to..." things in your yearbook?  

dress + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: shades/vintage
top(similar)/forever 21 :: belt/thrifted :: necklace/handmade

It's strange to think about high school and all that has happened in the seven years since graduation.  Who I've become and how I've changed.  The people who have come and gone from my life.  I can't even begin to imagine what the next seven years will hold.  I feel like people always talk about five year plans.  Damn if I know what my life will even look like one year from now!  Maybe I'm just not good at planning.  I think maybe I'm more of a spontaneous, go-with-the-flow kind of person?  I know I have goals, but I also like being open to the possibility of other things coming up, or life deciding to change course.