Primary Colors

The days have been great lately.  Lots of future planning, being productive in the here & now, and enjoying the last days of summery weather.  I keep trying to wear jackets and scarves, but I get all hot and sweaty and realize it's still not quite cool enough for such things.  Back in Anchorage they woke up to snow yesterday!  There are crunchy leaves on the ground, though, so I know I'm not too ahead of the  game.

I was looking through old photos on Facebook the other day and feeling so much more "grown up" than just a year ago.  I'm not sure what it is, I don't really look all that different.  My hair is shorter, I suppose.  Whatever it is, I like it.  I don't feel like, "oh, so I guess I'm a grown up now,"  more just that continual process of becoming oneself that happens in ones twenties.  I just hadn't really thought about it until it struck me looking at those photos.  Maybe "grown up" is the wrong term to use.  Perhaps, "coming into my own" or feeling independent and confident is more accurate.  Not that I haven't felt independent and confident in the past, I've always been quite independent and usually pretty confident. Perhaps it's been the process of making a new home and family with Dan.  It's like... we used to be these subheadings of our respective families, as our parents' children.  But now we're the headings, and someday we'll have subheadings of our own.  We're like a whole new entity, separate from our parents.  A whole new node on a family tree that goes back forever.  Anyway, I know that's not the entire reason for my recent feelings, but I'm sure it's a contributing factor and is interesting to ponder.

dress + cardigan/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: belt/target

This outfit doesn't feel special or amazing or anything.  Just basic.  Basic is good though.  Simple.  I think I'm getting the "simple outfit" thing out of my system because fall is on its way and layering doesn't necessary lend itself to simplicity.  As a natural maximalist, though, it'll be fun to have more to work with.  Scarves, mittens, hats, jackets, tights, boots... come to me!