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Lauren runs both a blog and vintage shop by the name of A Wild Tonic, and she's great.  Want to get to know more about her and AWT?  Of course you do!  Lucky for you, I did a little interview with Lauren so you can do just that.

{ We know you've got an awesome vintage shop... what don't we know about you?
Thank you! Not many people know that I went to school for Arts Administration. I wanted a career in gallery management, and even worked in a few galleries during and after college, but since then my goals have shifted.

{ What made you want to start selling vintage?
I started selling on Etsy because I had quite a large vintage collection I wanted to pare down. Once I started making sales and hearing how happy my customers were with their new-to-them pieces, I began to actively hunt for vintage treasures for the shop.

{ What is your favorite thing about vintage clothing/things?
There are so many benefits to owning vintage items, but I think my favorite thing is the uniqueness of it. From clothing to home decor, I think it's so great to own something that few other people, if any, also own.

{ What is your fall outfit staple?
Vintage leather, specifically boots and jackets. So classic, comfortable, and already perfectly worn in!

{ What are you most excited for now that Fall is almost here?
It seems like so many people love fall for many of the same reasons, and I'm fine with being one of them. I love drinking cider (with whiskey, sometimes), going pumpkin picking, everything about Halloween (specifically watching "Hocus Pocus"), and of course, the excitement of the upcoming holiday season. Oh, and not sweating every time I go outside. Haha!

{ You've created an awesome series of wanderlust-inspired quote prints on maps, what's your favorite place to visit thus far on your journeys?
I just returned from my first "real" road trip, which was incredible. My boyfriend and I went to Maryland, then down to New Orleans, to Disney World, and back home to New Jersey. What I love most about road trips is getting to see what regular life is like for people in different parts of the world. I'm not too keen on touristy places, but I enjoy local shops, restaurants, and bars.

{ What do you love most about where you live?
New Jersey gets a bad rap most of the time, and more so lately thanks to "Jersey Shore," but I vehemently defend my home state whenever someone talks trash. Sure it's crowded and some parts aren't that nice, but there's SO much to see and do here. From the shore to the cities, mountains to malls, we have just about everything. I also really love that we're only a short car ride from New York City, Philadelphia, D.C., New England, Baltimore, etc.

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Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and your shop, Lauren!
If you want to snag yourself some of the unique vintage items that Lauren stocks in her shop, you can get a discount by using the code "TACKY25" for 25% off!  Snazzy.