remix archives // sheer salmon

I got this shirt at the beginning of spring, mostly because by that time I was tired of bundling up in warm fabrics and was desiring something a bit more sheer and flowy.  I like that, while the fabric itself is sheer and lightweight, it still has structure, what with the pockets and the shoulder detailing.  It's actually a really great piece for layering, which makes it ideal for remixing!  I can throw it on over or under a dress to give the dress a new and different look.   I love how the little collar pops out when I wear it under a dress.  It gives the look a little preppy feel.  The salmon/coral color is also something I really love.  I don't really have anything else in my closet that is the same color, but it seems to be a really versatile color and pairs well with a lot of other colors!