the blogging paradox

Yesterday I received a halloween care package from my mom!  She filled it with all kinds of halloweeny treats and goodies.  I love surprises like that.  It's so great to know that someone cares about you out there, even if they are far away and can't hang out.  It's a bummer to live so far away from both my mom and my best friend, especially on those days where you just want to go out for a drink or two and complain about random stuff to someone who knows you and won't think you're a complete whiner or mega bitch.  Well, maybe you are those things, but only for a half hour until you've vented and then everything is right in the world once again.  You know what I mean.

dress/courtesy of miss patina :: cardigan/forever 21 :: tights/target 
jacket/tulle via lulu e. bebe :: shoes/courtesy of minnetonka :: photos by Dan

Isn't it just so refreshing to be around someone who knows you completely?  When you're around that person you can just relax and be yourself because you know that they know your character and your history, so when you say something, all that history and character factors into what you said.  I think that's definitely something that's lost on blogs.  I mean, I try to be as honest and "me" as possible on this blog.  I try to be authentic and genuine in my writing, but I can never "let go" because you guys don't know me completely.  You weren't there with me when I was a kid, you don't remember what I was like in junior high.  You didn't send me raspberry chocolate candies from See's when I broke up with my high school boyfriend during my freshman year of college.  You weren't the ones who I ran to after my first kiss to spill all the "deets".  Sometimes I wish you guys were.  But the fact of the matter is, you are mostly strangers to me... as odd as that seems.  I write on here about 7 days a week, but it's mostly one sided.  Isn't that a kind of strange part about blogging?  I mean, we get to know these people who are sort of ... strangers?  But we identify with them, and we enjoy watching them grow and have life happen to them.  I've seen some of my favorite bloggers get married and have kids and have enjoyed sharing in their life experiences.  It's intensely personal, yet kind of impersonal at the same time.  What a paradox!