time traveling

Last week Mandy did an outfit post titled "fall as f*ck," and that's exactly how I feel in this outfit.  These photos are saved on my computer in a folder named "superfall."  Naming outfit photo folders is a fine art, and highly sophisticated at that.  I got this top (a dress, actually) back in 2008 as my first purchase from Ruche, and the print is just so perfect for fall.  Dan said it looked like a hawaiian print when he saw it, and I'd always just seen it as an autumn, leafy print, but he's kind of right!

top/ruche :: skirt + tights/target :: blazer + boots/courtesy of modcloth

The car in the background of these photos is an older model, probably from the 80's or so.  Sometimes when I'm on a street and the only thing that dates the area is a car or something else, I'll imagine that I'm living that moment in that time period.  I used to do this at college sometimes.  I went to the same college that my mom and dad went to and met at, and during my freshman year lived in the same dorm that my mom was in her freshman year.  I've always loved classic rock, so there'd be times when I was listening to Boston or something and would pretend that it was playing on vinyl instead of my laptop, and that it was 1979.  I used to think that if I was in college in 1979, I'd probably be friends with my mom.  I think that could be dangerous though, not just for the whole space time continuum thing.  Though, how awesome would it have been to go to a Heart concert with my friend Sue in 1979?  Sounds like so much fun it would definitely be dangerous.  Oh, Sue B, you crazy redhead you.  Hi Mom!

Okay, well I've probably lost you all now with my bizarre ramblings about hanging out with my mom in a paradoxical situation where we're going to a Heart concert in 1979.  I wonder if my future kid(s) will imagine what life was like in 2012.  I guess if this blog is still around in 2032, they'll get to read all about it.