white chicken chili

So like I said, I'm obsessed with soup right now.  One of my absolute favorite soups is tortilla soup, and when I saw this recipe on pinterest, it reminded me of tortilla soup, so I had to try it.  Plus, the word "Chili" was included, which made it sound even more delicious.  Well, it was delicious and I'm already planning on making it again because we made quick work of both the initial soup and the leftovers.  Another bonus of this soup?  The inclusion of avocado.  Instant winning in my book.  It was really quick to make, as well, which is nice if you need to whip up something within an hour or are too hungry to wait (I feel like that's always the case though, right?  Maybe I'm just bad at planning ahead...).  Anyway, you should for sure check out the recipe and make it.  Your taste buds will be thankful, I promise.