a wishlist for a new space

Every time I move, I daydream about decorating the new space.  My brain thinks that mentally designing rooms is a perfectly appropriate thing to do during the hours of 2-4 am, keeping me awake until the wee hours.  I can't help it though.  It's so exciting to envision a new space, making new arrangements and putting up new artwork.  In this new place I really want to invest in some beautiful prints from artists I love.  Hanging artwork and photos in groups, gallery style, is pretty "in" these days (from what I can tell, according to pinterest), but I really do love making little collections of framed art and photos on my walls.  It's like having little collections of pretty things, like a shadowbox, but more grown-up and chic.
We have pretty much everything we need, practically speaking, but it's always fun to get a few new things when moving into a new space.  We'll have double the square footage, so we'll probably need a couple new furniture items, but nothing too major.  Our new bedroom will only be big enough to hold our bed and maybe a hutch, for a bit of storage.  It'll be nice to have a room that is only for sleeping, as our bedroom is super tiny right now and half of it is devoted to housing our clothes.  I'd love it to be really simple and relaxing, but also cozy and homey.  We're making a walk-in closet out of a room that's attached, so it'll be great to have a whole separate space for hanging clothes and such.

Our bathroom is pretty small and simple and doesn't have a lot of storage.  Thankfully there is a built-in right next to the bathroom door, so we can store things in there, but I'd like to get a little unit for storing things we use frequently.  I like having a see-through shower curtain, to let in as much light as possible into the shower (and, you know, so murderers can't hide behind it), but this zig zag curtain is so fun and graphic.  I also like that it's not super girly, which I feel like shower curtains (and curtains in general) can tend to be.

A big ticket item on my wishlist is a new couch.  Right now we only have a little loveseat and a couple chairs because absolutely nothing else can fit in our current living room.  I adore the clean, midcentury couches that Thrive has, but they are waaaay out of our price range.  This one from urban outfitters has the same look and is a lot cheaper (though still pretty spendy... compared to thrifting), and it has the added bonus that you can fold the back down to make a bed.  Since we won't have room for a guest room in this new place, it'd be nice to at least have a couch that people can sleep on comfortably.  Dan hates futons, so I think this is a good solution.

I really love the coffee table with the glass top, too.  I like having cool coffee table books, and having them displayed underneath the glass table top is a great way to have them visible, but not taking up valuable space.  I'm also totally and completely in love with the honeycomb shelves that Josh & Sarah made.  I wanted to buy them back when they were selling them, but we weren't moving for a while and I didn't have space to store them.  Maybe I'll have to use their tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess to make my own.  Oh!  Yeah, and we'll have a garage/shop, so I can finally have space to make stuff, woo!

Something I'm absolutely thrilled about?  Having a table that is just for eating.  No more coffee table/desk/dining table!  We won't have room for a full dining table, but we really don't need that much, since 99.9% of the time it's just Dan & I.  I really like a bar height table, so I'd like to get something like this Ikea table.  And I've been coveting that Ikea cart for quite a while.  I think the first time I saw it was on Rachel's blog, and I've been dreaming about it ever since.  Cooking in a bigger kitchen is going to be dreamy, though I will be sad to no longer have a gas range.  I've never cooked on an electric stovetop, so hopefully that doesn't mess with my cooking too much!  It'll be way easier to clean though!

Something I'm REALLY excited about is finally having my own craft/office/studio space!  I have so many ideas that my brain is nearly exploding, so that space will probably require a post all it's own.