goodbye old friends

Yesterday we had our bikes stolen from our front porch. They aren't worth very much money (sorry thieves!), but I did love my bike a lot. I was remembering today how we had some of our engagement photos taken with those bikes, so I thought I'd share my favorites from the set.

It's really off putting and unsettling to imagine someone on my front porch, which is literally two feet from our bedroom window, cutting our lock and taking them.  It feels like such an invasion of my personal space, like they were inside our home, even though they were out on the porch.  We're keeping an eye out on Craigslist and such, but I'm not planning on seeing either of them ever again.  We had some good times cruising around Tacoma on those little black bikes.  I hope whoever owns them now loves riding them as much as we did.

photos by Arrow & Apple