keep it simple

The weather has taken a turn for the colder/wetter this past week, so my outfits have been mostly consisting of jeans or thermal leggings, tshirts, and a fleece jacket.  Not so thrilling on the style front, but oh-so comfy and practical.  The color of this north face jacket matches the cape perfectly, so when I stick my arms out it almost looks like it's part of the cape!  Plus, it's a super warm layer that doesn't add a ton of bulk, which is nice.  Yesterday it was about five different kinds of weather throughout the day, so layers are a must.  Also, hats are a must for days when hair washing is skipped.  I might add a little pom pom to the top of this one.  I made a bunch of pom poms last Christmas and I think I still have a white one that would match the hat just right.

cape/courtesy of ruche :: boots/lulu e. bebe :: jeans/courtesy of modcloth
jacket + hat + mittens/courtesy of the north face :: photos by Dan

I've started getting officially super excited for the holidays.  Last night we reminisced about Christmases when we were kids, and I got so excited for this year's festivities.  I was remembering all the wonderful traditions that my family does, that I didn't even realize were traditions.  I can't wait to pull out our Christmas stuff from storage and start decorating!  I need to learn to bake the Swedish Tea Ring my Mom makes every Christmas morning.  We would always open our stockings and then go eat breakfast and then make our way back to the living room, nomming on the remains of breakfast, ready to open gifts.  I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about Christmastime with my family.  

This year I'm pretty sure we'll be able to have a Christmas tree!  Of course, the amount of ornaments we have only fills an 18 inch tree, so I'll have to come up with some fun DIY ornaments.  I've seen a bunch of fun ones on Pinterest.  Plus, there are always things like popcorn garlands that are cheap and easy to make.  I don't think I've ever made a popcorn garland, actually!  I'm sure Pinterest is going to explode with Christmas soon, so I doubt I'll have any lack of ideas to draw from.  Do you have any fun Christmas traditions or DIY decorations you like to make?