christmas cookies

A couple nights ago I got the bug to make Christmas cookies at like 11 pm, so I obviously had to heed that calling and make a batch.  I've never really made sugar cookies on my own before, though I'm sure I've done it with my mom, or at a cookie decorating party or something.  They're super simple and only require a few ingredients, which is nice.  I remember we used to get a canister full of fancy sugar cookies from a family friend every Christmas season and they were just so delicious.  I don't know if these ended up being as delicious, simply because those have that mystical quality of childhood memory, but they are some damn good Christmas cookies!

Last night I was a total idiot and got completely dressed up, make-up done, and was about to leave for a Christmas party, and when I went on facebook to check the address of the party... I noticed that the party was scheduled for tonight.  So there I was, sitting in my living room, looking super fancy, with all the lights turned off because I was about to leave.  Felt kind of like a scene from an 80's Molly Ringwald movie.  So instead of going to a party,  I took a bubble bath and then made even more cookies.  Okay, that part would probably be in the Molly Ringwald movie too.

I think the cookies turned out pretty fancy!  This is the first batch, when I forgot to put sprinkles on, but I remembered to put sprinkles on the batch I made last night.  I used this recipe for the cookies and this recipe for the icing.  I don't have a frosting piping bag, so I just put the frosting in ziplocks and snipped the tip off a tiny bit and piped it on like that.  I first piped an outline around every cookie, and then once that was hard, I went back and filled them in.  If you want to add sprinkles, make sure you add them as you frost, because the royal icing hardens relatively quickly.  I can't wait to package these up and send them off to some special people!