dreaming of a white christmas

I hope you guys had a nice holiday!  Ours was pretty simple, but so nice.  I was overtaken by Christmas spirit and got Dan too many presents (we had agreed to only do a very minimal Christmas, since most of our money these days is spent on house stuff).  I couldn't help it!  I was just in the store and that single malt scotch whisky leapt into my cart!  I'm justifying it by saying that we could both enjoy it, so really it's a gift for both us, right?  Totally.  Plus, it's the gift that keeps on giving.
cardigan + coat/thrifted :: dress + shoes/courtesy of modcloth ::tights/target
bag/courtesy of handbag heaven
It's always weird to have Christmas without any snow, after growing up with super snowy Christmases every year.  I always thought it would be really weird living somewhere like California or Florida, where it's hot in December.  Or in the Southern Hemisphere where the seasons are reversed!  So much of Christmas is associated with a snowy winter for me.  It snowed here in Tacoma a couple weeks ago, so at least there was snow here for a hot second, but it melted pretty quickly.  I was impressed that it even stuck!  Last year we had a huge snow/ice storm in January which basically shut down the city for a couple days.  All the kids on our street were having a blast having snowball fights and making snow forts.