life lately

One Thousand Gifts.  It was a Christmas present from my mom and I'm almost halfway through it already.  I think one of my goals this next year is to be more mindful of all the things I'm grateful for.  It's so easy to focus on the things that suck, or the people who hurt me, or the situations that don't go my way, but when I choose to actively participate in noticing and focusing on those things that are positive, the not-so-awesome parts of life are lessened.

Excited About...
Hanging out with a couple college friends we haven't seen in a while!  It's always wonderful to reconnect with people you care about and find out what they've been up to since you all last hung out.  I don't have many of those type of friends from high school, but quite a few from college.  Thankfully there are quite a few of us still in the PNW, so it's a bit easier to keep in touch.

I convinced Dan to start watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with me, from the beginning.  It's on Netflix!  I forgot that it came out in 1987, so the graphics in this first season are hilariously bad!  It's a bit corny, but I'm pretty sure TNG is my favorite Star Trek series.  I've never watched it from the beginning, mostly just watching random episodes here and there, though I'm sure I've seen the majority of the series.

Thinking about...
Giving myself more time.  I think I've always wanted to just go-go-go and get to where I'm going, start my career, start a business, write a book, etc.  But lately I'm realizing that maybe I'm trying to pull the turkey out of the oven before it's fully cooked.  I'm the turkey in this analogy.  I think of all the people who wrote amazing books later in life, or didn't start their major careers until they were middle aged, etc.  Even though life feels like it goes by so quickly, maybe trying to shove everything in as soon as possible isn't the best method for living fully.  Maybe living a full life isn't about living a life that's packed full... if that makes sense.  And sometimes I think that I'm packing life so full that I don't have time to focus on things that are important, or the things that I truly want to accomplish.

holiday party sparkle // wiring our garage // picking up a guitar for the first time in a year
stress relief // hooked up my espresso machine to make sure it's still working!
our wedding book came! I love it! // loving this necklace from moorea seal
painting nails // a sidecar and cookie baking // cute new shoes from le bunny bleu
started climbing again! loving being back on the wall.

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