our first christmas tree

Man, it's felt like forever since I last blogged.  I guess it wasn't really that long ago but life has been so saturated with moving and getting things set up and fixing stuff that the last week has felt like two weeks shoved into one!  We got to go to a second Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday at Dan's aunt and uncle's house, which was really wonderful.  Actual Thanksgiving was kind of weird, being out of town having dinner with a bunch of people none of us knew, so it was nice being able to sit around a table full of people we knew and loved.  Oh, and eating a second Thanksgiving dinner?  Yeah that was awesome too.  More food-oriented holidays need to happen throughout the year, seems like they're concentrated in the winter months.

Dan's aunt and uncle gave us a wreath, and once I got that little taste of Christmas, I had to go out and get a tree.  Last year our house was way too tiny for a real tree, so this is our first time getting a real live tree!  With all the craziness of moving, going to an actual Christmas tree farm was a bit too much to take on, so we decided to just hit up one of the nearby tree lots and grab one real quick.  The El Camino proved to be a valiant Christmas tree hauler.  

dress + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: coat/thrifted :: tights/target :: necklace/handmade
scarf/h&m :: bag/courtesy of rouge & whimsy :: photos of me by Dan

I wore this outfit to Thanksgiving, but I liked it so much, I changed it a bit and wore it again the next day.  It's definitely not warm enough to go sleeveless, but I couldn't find a cardigan or top to go with the dress, so I only briefly shed my coat for these photos.  My closet is basically just an explosion of clothes on the floor right now, so putting together outfits is a bit challenging.  I'm hoping to construct some garment racks in the near future for our closet so I can finally hang stuff up!  Lots of DIY projects in the future!  

So far we're totally thrilled with the new house.  It's kind of amazing how well this house retains heat.  In our old place if we weren't wrapped in blankets or standing right next to the heater, we were freezing.  I kind of feel bad for the new tenants.  I think I might write them a letter letting them know about all the silly quirks that place has.  It was so strange seeing it all empty and cleaned out.  We had a carpet cleaner come out, so it seriously looked like we had never been there.  As annoying as that place could be, it'll still always be our first home together, and I get a little sad driving past it.  We're in that weird phase where you almost drive to the wrong house because you're just so used to that place being "home."  It's still a bit odd to pull into a new neighborhood, but we've already had neighbors introduce themselves and it's starting to feel more like home.  Once there aren't boxes strewn about everywhere and furniture isn't in temporary locations, it'll feel more settled.  For now, we're still tripping over boxes trying to get to the fridge.  But we have a Christmas tree!