rainy days

The past few weeks I've been more interested in moving, fixing and organizing the new house, and trying to settle into a new routine, than coming up with content for the blog.  Lately most of my outfits are tending towards the Northwest-yoga-girl type genre, wearing mostly black leggings, boots, a fleece and a beanie.  Of course, the nasty weather also has me more interested in hiding indoors than hauling my tripod into the wind and rain to attempt outfit photos where I don't look totally annoyed that I'm being pelted with rain.  But that's okay.  Having my life rhythm interrupted and not being totally on top of everything is okay.  I think it's probably a good thing.  This is the season for focusing on home and family.  We've still got boxes everywhere and lots of piles of clothes waiting for me to buy a dresser to put them in.  We still don't have a table for our kitchen, and all but 3 pairs of my shoes are still in the Winne from moving.  We're trying to chase down contractors to do some hefty work, and I still need to tie up loose ends from our old place.  But we have a home.  A warm home, full of love and life and happiness.  And in a few minutes the person I love most in the whole entire world will walk through the door after working his awesome job and I'll get to curl up next to him in our cozy bed and fall asleep feeling the warmth of his body next to mine.  For all the curve balls and rhythm-interruptions that life can throw at you, it's things like that which really keep me grounded.