remix archives // navy skirt

When I posted my last remix archives with the green skirt, I mentioned that I had bought 3 of the same skirt at the thrift store in three different colors.  I hemmed that green one to be a bit shorter, and this one shorter still.  It's a bit *too* short, so it doesn't get worn as much, unfortunately, and as you can tell from these photos, I haven't worn it in a couple years.  I still have it, however, as I do love it and can't bear to part with it.  As I age (I know, I'm only 26, but still), I've found that I don't feel as comfortable wearing shorter skirts.  I don't know why this is, but I have found that a few of the items in my closet that I love quite a bit don't get worn very much simply because they're a bit shorter.  I am certainly not getting taller!  Maybe I just don't want to be paying attention to not flashing people all day.  Shorter skirts are definitely higher maintenance in that regard.  Perhaps I flail about/bend down more these days (I definitely bike more)?  Haha, who knows.  But either way, I keep this skirt in my closet as I still do want to wear it, so maybe I'll pull it out and pair it with some tights again.