remix archives // olive skirt

This skirt is another thrift find that I got back when I lived in Spokane, this time from Goodwill.  There were three skirts of this exact style in three colors: grey, navy, and olive.  I got them all.  I ended up altering them a bit because they were all a tad big and long on me.  This is one of my favorite colors, so this one got worn the most out of the three.  I haven't worn it since last winter, but after seeing these photos I'm itching to style it again.  I have so many flow-y items in my closet, that it's nice to style a piece that's more military inspired and structured.  We just got an ironing board so I can finally iron the wrinkles out!  Yeah, I know.  I'm 26 and I only just bought an ironing board.  This past year we've been using a towel over our coffee table as a makeshift ironing board.  It'll be nice to iron things on an actual ironing board.