remix archives // vintage men's plaid

I kind of dropped the ball on this remix archives feature!  Now that we're all settled into the house and things aren't crazy around here, this feature will be back to a weekly staple here on the blog.  I got this plaid top a long time ago, I believe from Drop Yer Drawers in Spokane, which is the best vintage/thrift shop I think I've ever been to.  I'm a sucker for a good plaid, and absolutely loved the colors in this one.  It had seen better days, but I styled it quite a few times before letting it go!  It was a bit boxy on me so I sewed some darts in it to fit it a little more, but it still had that "boyfriend" fit to it.  I ended up getting rid of this shirt in one of my closet purges a while ago, but I'm always on the lookout for new plaid tops.  Vintage ones always seem to have the best colors and patterns!