25 BEFORE 26 // a recap

Since I posted my new 26 before 27 goals, I wanted to do a little recap of how I did on my last goal list!  

1. Become a Homeowner // Huzzah!  Yup!  

2.  Have a regular fitness regimen //  Yup!  I did Insanity pretty consistently at the end of the year, and for most of the year I was climbing regularly.  Dan & I also went hiking and biked during the summer.

3. Watch classic horror films // I didn't do this one, but it was one of those I put on the list randomly because I couldn't think of enough goals, haha.

4. Start a Coffee Shop // While I have all the gear ready to go for this one, finding a location that a) I feel passionate about and b) finding a location that isn't already saturated with coffee shops, has proven difficult.  I'd still like to do it, but I'm waiting for the right time/space.

5. Do Vlogs/Webisodes // I didn't do very many, but I did do this!  I made a little video for my mascara tutorial in my make-up post.  I'd like to try making more this year, but I'm not making it an official goal

6. Sew Dresses // I sewed dress.  Singular.  But I also made a skirt... so that counts, right?

7. DIY Headboard // Nope.  Currently trying to figure out what kind of headboard I want for our new bedroom...

8. Paint my Dresser // Again, nope.  I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do to it, but didn't do it.  Now we have new dressers, which I did stain, so that kind of counts, though I did that way after my birthday, so doesn't really count.

9.  Publish a book // No.  Although I did make a photo book for our wedding album.  Totally counts?  Not.

10. Make at least 2 new e-courses // I made one!  And I've had one in the works, basically finished, for months now, but just need to actually finish up the last couple details, auughh!

11. Learn more about espresso // I haven't learned more about espresso, but I've learned a bit more about alcohol, actually!  I've been helping Dan learn about different liqueurs, beers, drinks and such for his job and it's been fascinating!  The history and craftsmanship of alcohol is really amazing.

12. Take a photography class // I took Arrow & Apple's The Study of Light e-course.

13. Read more books // I read a few this year.  Not a ton, but I'm counting it.

14. Organize our house // Once we started looking for a house to buy I kind of gave up on this one for our old place, but it was pretty organized.  As good as it gets. 

15. Travel with Dan // We didn't travel a bunch.  Not out of the PNW at least.  Went on a fun trip on the Olympic peninsula for our anniversary, though!

16. Get a tattoo // nope

17. Cut my hair // Did it!  Of course, now I'm growing it out again, but whatever! 

18. Join a rock climbing gym w/ Dan // Totally did it. 

19. Create a photo book of our wedding photos // Done & done.  It turned out so great!

20. Learn how to make cocktails // Learning we are! We got a great book full of cocktail recipes and for a while we would get a different liquor every time and try out new recipes.  We're trying to build out our repertoire and bar currently.

21. Loft our bed... // nope.  but in the end it wasn't practical.

22. Get awesome albums on vinyl // we've got some, but not very many.  I'd like to continue this goal through this next year!

23. Host fun parties // we've had a few fun parties here at the tiny house.  Mostly we've had some great backyard barbecues! The inside of our old house wasn't that great for entertaining, but our new place is way better suited for having people over!  Our recent housewarming party was a blast!

24. Go on a Winne trip w/ Dan and go hiking // we've gone hiking but no Winne trip.  We're on a pretty tight budget right now, so taking out miss gas guzzler hasn't been on the priority list yet.  It'd still be fun to do an overnighter or something.  We did go hiking though!

25. Pay off debt // workin' on it!  We did pay off all of my credit card, but school loans are still in progress.