b + w

The weather in Tacoma has been atrocious lately!  It's all rain and blustery winds and chilling to the bone!  We're re-siding our house at the end of the month and I'm seriously praying for better weather because re-siding our house in this kind of weather sounds like hell.  But! Having new siding will be worth it.  Our little house has been neglected for quite a few years and needs the TLC.  Our neighbors said that the house had been vacant for about 5 years before we moved in.  I always hate seeing cute houses around town that have clearly been neglected or run down.  With just a little bit of upkeep and love they could be so nice!  If I could breathe new life into older, run down homes for a living I would do it in a heartbeat.  Anyone want to be my investor!?

top/courtesy of modcloth :: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy :: scarf/gift via ruche
shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: leggings/grocery outlet
necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: photos by Dan

I've been wearing these shoes non-stop lately.  Partly because they were one of two pairs of shoes I brought to Anchorage, so I wore them pretty much every day up there, but they're also really comfy and go with almost everything.  I practically live in this outfit, or a variation of it, lately.  This shirt is actually really awesome to go climbing in, as I like having a longer top that doesn't ride up as I climb, but also isn't too baggy.  Oh, and it's also a nice shirt to wear as PJs.  Yup, this outfit is 24 hr friendly.  Sleep in it, climb in it, go on a date in it, repeat.  It's all about simplifying life, right?