kiss slavery goodbye

Before you ask, yes it was absolutely freezing taking these photos.  Sometimes, you just gotta bite the bullet for outfit photos!  This is really more of an outfit to wear at an indoor party or on a date to a warm restaurant, but I had to get photos of it in daylight, which meant braving the chilly out of doors for a brief couple minutes.  I think my neighbors officially believe I'm a crazy person.  As soon as I got this top, though, I knew I wanted to style it with this maxi skirt, and it just didn't look the same with a cardigan on top.  Lately I've been craving crop tops, which doesn't make a lot of sense considering the current temperatures.  But since I have a pair of high waisted jeans now, and quite a few high waisted skirts, I feel like crop tops are more wearable in colder temps.  I'm actually wearing fleece lined leggings under the maxi skirt, and socks, so I wasn't as cold as I could've been.  

This necklace is from Favor the Brave, where I'm being featured today!  Jill is doing a 50 States of Brave feature where she picks one blogger to represent each state and asks them what they consider their bravest moment.  While I've thought quite a bit about the concept of bravery, I'd never sat down and contemplated what I felt was my bravest moment.  In all honesty I don't think I've experienced that moment quite yet.  I have a lot of life to life and a lot more events will happen in my life that will require much more courage than I've yet had to exert.  But, head over to Favor the Brave to see what I picked as my bravest moment to date!

top/courtesy of spotted moth :: necklace/courtesy of favor the brave :: skirt/thrifted
shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: cape/courtesy of ruche :: lipstick/courtesy of radiant cosmetics

Have you guys heard of Radiant Cosmetics?  I met them when I was in Austin, TX for the TXSC conference last March when they were doing little mini-makeovers at the TXSC party.  They're pretty damn cool.  They give 20% of all sales to anti-human trafficking organizations and since January is Human Trafficking Awareness month, they've got a Kiss Slavery Goodbye campaign going on right now!  They sent over this fun, bright pink moisturizing lipstick (the shade is Daphne, if you were wondering) and I really love it.  I'm always a fan of companies that not only give back, but also make a great product as well.  I figure since I'm trying to purchase only ethically made clothing this year, supporting companies that are actively trying to stop human injustice goes hand in hand with that.