life lately

Life lately?  Lots of house work!  My dad, uncle, and brother arrived on Tuesday and so far we've hauled away all the old shingles that Dan & I removed last week, took out/pounded in the thousands of nails that held on all those shingles, and reframed the base of a window and a weird part of the wall that had been shoddily framed.  Today we're putting up Tyvek and starting to put up the new siding!  Many hands do make light work, and I'm glad to have the expertise of my dad and uncle as we undertake this project!  My other brother and cousin arrive tonight and they'll be here through the weekend to help us out as well.  We'll be a lean mean siding machine.  

a favorite spot in our house // i am woman, hear me roar // naked house! how lewd!
pretty lipstick from radiant cosmetics // pretty lipstick on the lips
usual breakfast, as of late // up in the [kitchen] a workin' on my fitness, be my witness
the most awesome necklace from I Dream I Can Fly // pallet wall/towel hooks DIY

Fun links!

I was laughing so hard at this blog.  Couldn't stop reading.

Got a mega interior-design boner from this design studio.  Also, can I please work there?  Perfection.

ModCloth has their Cabin Fever sale going on right now.  Super discounts on some really cute stuff.  I got this Dainty June dress. Love!

Absolutely love this whole shop (local Tacoma peeps too!), but this tote is gorgeous.