my fitness wishlist


I don't do a ton of wishlists, but it's the start of the new year and tis the season for fitness goals, which I think is great (stick with it!).  I've been doing Insanity the past couple months, have been climbing regularly this past year (with a 4 month break, mid year), and am hoping to take more advantage of the Pilates/yoga classes offered by my climbing gym.  Over the holidays I went with my mom to her Pilates studio and did a few classes with her, which was a blast.  I did a ton of Pilates and some ballet in college and loved both, so I'd like to get back in the groove of doing those types of classes, too.  Anyway, that is all to say that one of my goals this year is to continue leading an active, healthy, and fit lifestyle.  I was a pretty active kid and was a competitive equestrian for about 10 years during my teens, and then was able to do lots of fun fitness electives in college, but keeping it up in the "real world" is a bit more challenging, what with fitting fitness classes and such into a busy schedule.  That and combating general laziness.  But anyway, here's a little wishlist of items that I'd like that are fitness/health related.

1. Lululemon's The Mat or Manduka's eKo Yoga Mat. Since we have hardwoods in our new house, I'm finding that I need more cushioning when I do Insanity in my living room.  I'm currently using two yoga mats, but one is borrowed from a friend, so I'd like to get another one of my own that is thicker than regular mats.

2. Lululemon Leggings. I found a pair of Lululemon leggings at the thrift store the other day (major score) and I'm totally a convert.  For rock climbing and yoga/pilates, I really need a legging that isn't see through when I'm doing deep squats and stretching the fabric across my butt.  I tried getting some new leggings at target, but they still were see through.  These leggings are spendy, but they are so high quality and exactly what I need for climbing.

3. Heart Rate Monitor.  It would be nice to know what my heart rate is, especially when doing Insanity workouts where I know my heart rate is getting pretty high.  I currently have a Fitbit zip activity tracker, which is nice as a pedometer that also tracks approximate calories burned and distance traveled, but it doesn't monitor my heart rate.  I like it, though, because it talks right to my computer and I can log into my Fitbit dashboard online (or on my iPhone!) and all the info automatically gets uploaded, so it tracks everything for me!

4. Reusable Water Bottle.  I'm pretty terrible at hydrating myself.  Having a water bottle that I could take with me would be really nice, and would also be way less wasteful than getting plastic bottles all the time.  I really hate the metallic smell of metal waterbottles, but this one has a plastic nozzle on top, so I think that would solve that problem!

5. New climbing shoes.  I absolutely love my Evolv Elektras (other than the fact that they reek and make my feet reek too. Climber problems), but I would like to get another pair with maybe a bit more of an arch, perhaps a bit more of an intermediate/advanced shoe.  Not sure yet.  I don't really need new shoes, so I'll wait on this until maybe summer when we'll be doing more outdoor climbing and I might want more precision in my shoes.

6. Hiking shoes.  I thrifted a pair of hiking shoes last year, but they were too big and I needed to wear like two pairs of socks to make them work, which really wasn't awesome for hiking in hot weather.  They're nice, but not good for longer treks where I'll need shoes that fit very well. It's hard to find good shoes that fit me due to my size 4.5 feet.  There's not a great selection in those sizes and kids shoes aren't usually made to be worn as heavily as adult shoes are (and are typically only designed to last only a year, since kids are constantly growing out of things).  Hopefully I'll be able to find a good pair before summer!  I'd like to do more hiking adventures this year.