unseasonable crop

Remember what I said about my mid-winter crop top obsession?  More evidence.  It makes no sense, as temperatures are in the mid-30s lately.  I'm pretty sure my crop top obsession was seeded by Jen when I saw her wearing a super cute crop top back at TXSC last March.  I immediately went out and bought it.    Well, immediately being a couple months later.  But I wanted to buy it immediately.  One of my favorite summer outfits included that crop top.  
Man, my hair's grown a lot since that post!  I'm excited for my hair to be huge and long and crazy again.  Short hair has been fun and spunky, but I'm kind of in this place where all I want is long flowerchild hair with feathers and flowers stuck in it, flowing in the wind.  Also: mega braids and beehives.  I think by summer it'll be long enough for hippie hair-do's.  Not quite as long as it used to be, but long enough!

top/courtesy of spotted moth :: jeans/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish
necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy :: photos by Dan
I'm convinced that sometimes when Dan takes my outfit photos he enjoys taking photos of me mid-sentence.  Hence the above photo.  Pretty sure I'm mid-sentence in that one.  Either that or I'm on the cusp of smiling.  Both are awkward.  Make no bones about it, there are hundreds of photos that go in the trash for every one you see here on the blog.  I have my tripod & self timer set up to take 6 photos in a row every time I hit the shutter button, and usually only one from those 6 gets chosen.  I like taking 6, though, because I have a better chance of getting just the right pose, especially with motion shots, like jumping photos.  And it takes just as long to take 6 as it does to take 1, so why not?  I was super excited when I finally got a camera capable of doing multiple self-timer shots.  Even though I've been told many times that a remote is a pretty great tool, I'm so used to the self-timer, and I hate seeing the remote in photos.  Do I awkwardly hide it?  Can I use it with a self timer?  Plus, I find that I have more control with setting the focus manually, rather than trusting the autofocus to get it right.  I think my lens is getting worse at autofocusing (I've only had to send it to get fixed, oh, three times now for dropping it and breaking the focus motor...), so manually setting it seems to result in sharper photos.  Anyway.  Impromptu little discussion on the behind-the-scenes of taking outfit photos.  I wrote a post a while ago with some tips for taking your own outfit photos, so if you're interested, check it out!